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Art at the Redtory

Guangzhou (July 2, 2011)—GiselleJ : Women, Oral traditions, and Cultural Reflections is the first major gallery exhibition of the artist’s work in China. Focusing on Giselle’s colorful portrayal of women, the show features a myriad of oil paintings which draw from culture, music, and life. Opening at The Redtory‘s E9 Gallery on Saturday July 2nd,…

Echo of the Perfumed Garden {Sheet Music}

Melody composed according to International Morse Code Standard – see notes below. Hear it/Download it on Musescore:Echo of the Perfumed Garden by EphemeralWaves *Playback is generated by MuseScore Color Coded Sheet Music

All Creative Work Is Derivative

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. All Creative Work Is Derivative by Nina Paley. It was supported by a grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts. Full explaination via QuestionCopyright.


Petroglyph: 1870, from Fr. pétroglyphe, from Gk. petra “rock” + glyphe “carving.”

Pixel Art Paintings in Minecraft

Minecraft players: Download complimentary pixel art versions of my paintings

La selva oscura de palabras

The more we know and understand words/language and their histories, the better we can utilize them in every day life :)