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Album in Progress

Working on what seems to be the makings of a new album ^_^, here are a couple of songs from it, listen here! Enjoy!

Why Community Owned and Operated Infrastructure and Data are Essential to Our Lives

Artists Mentioned: Adam Harvey Trevor Paglen Also related: Rebel Geeks – Give Us Back Our Data #SurveillanceCapitalism #softAI #DataSovereignty #inequality #MachineLearning #NeuralNetwork #BigData #DataEthics #IBM #SocialJustice #SocialContext #PowerAsymmetry #Privilege Community Owned and Operated Infrastructure Information and Resources

Top Secret!

The theme for this month’s Assemble learning party was Top Secret! We wanted to create a few short activities to introduce kids to some concepts in security. *What it means to brute force a password. Try it out yourself here. Their algorithms for what character(s) to try improved dramatically once they realized typing in a…


I found this code via Public Lab’s Thermal Photography project. Growpoodle is basically the free and open source equivalent of glowdoodle which allows you to ‘paint with light’. I wanted to run the FOSS version but it was not working because it had not been updated in a while, so I fixed it and it…

Mapping Public Parks

Software: OSM tracker for Android, OpenStreetMap OSM tracker for Android is a great piece of software that allows me to record hikes and take notes in the process. For those without a computerized phone to do this, it can be done with pencil and paper, just go to Field Papers and create a printable map…

Global Game Jam Pittsburgh

Game Description: Thank you for buying this Machine! You’ll find your machine to be an amazing companion and tool throughout the years. However, be warned: machines are a commitment. Machines rely on their operators to keep them running smooth and efficiently for units of time to come, in the proud Button-Tec tradition of long-lasting, high-quality…