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Mapping Public Parks

Software: OSM tracker for Android, OpenStreetMap OSM tracker for Android is a great piece of software that allows me to record hikes and take notes in the process. For those without a computerized phone to do this, it can be done with pencil and paper, just go to Field Papers and create a printable map…

Serious Street Art ^_~

Apparently my face has been spotted at AISG (in Guangzhou) As you can see it’s clearly me! My sources tell me that the artist is an IB student by the name of Jasmine. Well props to you Jasmine ^_^ ******** Update: I’ve sinced emailed her and she provided me with pictures of the stencil and…

Art at the Redtory

Guangzhou (July 2, 2011)—GiselleJ : Women, Oral traditions, and Cultural Reflections is the first major gallery exhibition of the artist’s work in China. Focusing on Giselle’s colorful portrayal of women, the show features a myriad of oil paintings which draw from culture, music, and life. Opening at The Redtory‘s E9 Gallery on Saturday July 2nd,…


Petroglyph: 1870, from Fr. pétroglyphe, from Gk. petra “rock” + glyphe “carving.”

Muma Art Space

Culture, Identity, & Introspective Spaces

Caves and Cenotes

Celebrated new years in Cancun, Mexico. On new years day we went into the jungles/forest? nearby the ancient city of Tulum. It is known for cenotes and caves. I definitely had the experience of a lifetime. It was beautiful yet scary. No wonder people thought dragons or monsters lived in caves. The bottom of the…