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Why Community Owned and Operated Infrastructure and Data are Essential to Our Lives

Artists Mentioned: Adam Harvey Trevor Paglen Also related: Rebel Geeks – Give Us Back Our Data #SurveillanceCapitalism #softAI #DataSovereignty #inequality #MachineLearning #NeuralNetwork #BigData #DataEthics #IBM #SocialJustice #SocialContext #PowerAsymmetry #Privilege Community Owned and Operated Infrastructure Information and Resources

Serious Street Art ^_~

Apparently my face has been spotted at AISG (in Guangzhou) As you can see it’s clearly me! My sources tell me that the artist is an IB student by the name of Jasmine. Well props to you Jasmine ^_^ ******** Update: I’ve sinced emailed her and she provided me with pictures of the stencil and…


Petroglyph: 1870, from Fr. pétroglyphe, from Gk. petra “rock” + glyphe “carving.”

Muma Art Space

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UCSD Solo Show

UCSD Solo Show! Come join us at the Price Center Hours:9am-5pm M-F November 2006- February 2007