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How to reflect the concept of your art in the design of your website?

What I ponder on the average day ranges in subject, but there is one end goal, knowledge and, if all goes right, deeper understanding. I strive to understand the world around me, its various systems, and the influx of thoughts and ideas that saturate this reality. Communication and expression are key to one’s development as a human being . . . In this spirit I created this site to share my expressions and my various forms of communication, whether it be through music, painting, words, numbers, or other methods that help to convey these ideas.

What is your art about?

I try to reflect on what I’ve learned in daily life experience. The themes which I explore usually concern algorithms, social constructs, emotions, time, identity, and perception … Math and science always seem to make their way through as well . . . perhaps it’s an exploration of how all the dots can connect.

Ephemeral and Moving